In your clinic you need to be able to track whether you are moving towards or away from your goal.  Are you going in the right direction or the wrong one?

Let me take you back to the days you did your Respiratory Physio training.  Do you remember the charts patients on ITU had at the end their bed, where their critical numbers were checked and plotted hourly?  Remember the charts the ward patients had where their critical numbers were plotted?   As Respiratory Physio you knew how to read these charts and how to interpret the data, you knew how collect any extra information you required and piece all the information together to understand how the patient was doing and how they were progressing… were they going in the right direction and getting better or wrong direction and getting sicker?   This information helped you determine and monitor your treatment plan.  

Consider your business just like a patient and you can see you need the same information. You need to know the saturation‘s and outputs for your business.  You need a goal, some targets or acceptable ranges, a system for collecting the information and knowledge for which numbers are critical and and what they mean so you can do something with them to ensure your clinic thrives not dies. 

TOP TIP 1: Two critical numbers are the number of new patients your clinic sees and client life-time value.  These two are linked if you get the right number of initial assessments in, make sure your treatment planning and pricing is the right the business gets to where you want it to get.   

When you can see the number of assessments, client life-time value, and that turnover are linked it forces you to make sure you have ” good sats” with appointments booked.

TOP TIP 2: Try implementing a traffic light system 

Red: Off target

Amber: Close to target

Green: have hit or above target

With a simple visual prompt, everyone can see what is going on.

Create A Super Successful Plan


To this you need a plan which is executed.

The implementation of a plan properly and professionally will deliver results.  Consistently doing the right activity will deliver consistent results

With a plan properly in place, things will start to work, you will crack the rhythmic consistent acquisition of clients, and track the right things that keep you on track.

You will get:

  • A copy of the same template business plan I use to organise my thoughts and ideas into an actionable business plan.
  • Focus on what you need to do and what to check in on.
  • Clarity on what to monitor and measure. Some things will go according to plan, some things better than plan, and some things worse than planned. Thats why knowing you numbers and where you are going matters

What are you waiting for?  Get started with your plan today.