Is my professional registration at risk?

In the UK we are registered with and regulated by the Health Professions Council. Their website states

“As a health and care professional, you are more likely to be exposed to certain viruses. Getting yourself vaccinated is therefore the best way to protect yourself, your families, colleagues and patients.

HCPC is supportive of vaccination campaigns and other public health initiatives, and regularly promote these on our website. However, the HCPC does not set vaccination requirements for its registrants. This will instead depend on the specific context you are working in and the service users you support. Therefore, this is normally determined by local policies set by employers.

If you have any questions about what vaccinations you will need for your role, we would advise you get in touch with your employer. If you are a student, you will need to speak to your education provider / practice placement provider.”

I understand this to mean our professional registration and ability to practice is not dependent on vaccination status. However, it might be a condition of your employer.

The government guidelines for vaccination

“The Department of Health and Social Care has announced that individuals undertaking CQC regulated activities in England must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 no later than 1 April 2022 to protect patients.”

As Physiotherapists very few of us deliver CQC-regulated activities, however, your employer might.

If this is the case considering self-employment or at least making a plan, in case you decide to, might be a good idea.

CSP and independent practice

“Compulsory vaccination covers services regulated by the CQC in England only. Self-employed private practitioners and some partnership-based businesses are exempt from CQC registration. However, if you go into care or nursing homes or provide services in GP surgeries or some other settings, you will need to be vaccinated to practice in these settings.”

From CSP web page: Are self-employed physios obliged to be vaccinated?

Public Health England

It is also worth noting that the government have used section 45C to bring in the new legislation, to get the powers to roll out the new vaccination legislation.

However, they have ignored section 45 E, which prevents them from imposing medical treatment on an individual.

Therefore compulsory vaccinations are breaching the Public Health Act 1984, Control of Disease.