Attention Private Health Clinic Owners!

New Webinar Reveals The 3 Secrets To Building A Highly Efficient & Profitable Clinical Practice - Even If You’ve Previously Tried Everything Else Before & Failed!

If you’re sick and tired of working crazy hours in your clinic, having no life and no money in your bank account to show for it, I’m here to tell you there IS a better way!

I’m Kate Markland – clinic owner and founder of the Markland Method™, and over the last 10 years, I’ve made almost every mistake in my clinic before I finally decided to level up my business education...

And that was when everything changed - today, my clinic runs without me, is highly profitable and filled with my dream clients...

And if I can do it, so can you!

I’m on a mission to help as many clinicians become better business owners and re-discover the joy they first felt when they first started their clinic.

I believe it’s 100% possible to have a deeply impactful, successful AND profitable clinic WITHOUT running yourself ragged in the process!

That’s why I’ve created a webinar all about this topic called:


3 Secrets To Building A Highly Efficient & Profitable Clinical Practice - Even If You’ve Previously Tried Everything Else Before & Failed!’

Here’s what you’re going to learn on this webinar:

  • Why charging per hour is causing an endless cycle of boom and bust in your business... plus what you should be doing to be super-profitable instead
  • Why marketing harder is an outright lie and is causing your clinic to haemorrhage money...and why you MUST focus on THIS instead or you risk going broke!
  • The 6 vital core functions of a successful business – why most clinicians mistakenly only focus on ONE of these and why ignoring the rest is financial suicide
  • Why understanding the biology of your business can unlock the path to a more successful clinic and permanently put an end to being overworked and underpaid
  • Why doing everything yourself is causing chaos in your clinic and eating into your profitability!
  • The 2 key things you MUST have in place to become a more efficient and stable clinic (and free you from daily grind)
  • Plus much, much more...

You’re a fantastic clinician, but the sad reality is that having more letters after your name is NOT going to guarantee you’ll run a successful clinic!

Get your clinic OFF life support and start your journey towards a more successful business today!

Watch the WEBINAR Now!

3 Secrets To Building A Highly Efficient & Profitable Clinical Practice - Even If You’ve Previously Tried Everything Else Before & Failed!'


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Kate Markland

Creator of The Markland Method

About The Author

Kate had been a successful hands on physiotherapist for a number of years but wanted to grow the business so she was more hands off, whilst at the same time increasing her income.

Having looked around the industry, she couldn't find anything suitable and created the Markland Method, a sure fire way of increasing income, having more time off, whilst enjoying what you do.

Just Listen To What My Previous Clients Have Said...

I am the Administrator at The Markland Clinic. My role is to support the physiotherapists by optimising client care and to accommodate all client needs outside the clinical room. I also look after the diary management, finances and the general day to day running of the clinic. I see Kate and the team commit heavily to education and support. Over the time Physiotherapists are with us I see them grow in confidence, sense of self, ability to take responsibility and  ability to work as a team, they learn how much can be achieved when we operate together as a team rather than alone as individuals. I also enjoy just observing them grow up in to responsible adults. Clients enjoy the energy and enthusiasm our team bring, and recognize their commitment to care. In addition, I observe the the management are continually kept on their toes by the teams thirst for knowledge, questioning and bringing of new ideas and perspectives. 


(Exec. Admin)

"Fantastic first meeting with my new business Guru today!  As the clinics owner, sometimes you need someone else to look into your business from a different perspective and this what was done today!  I look forward to enhancing our clinic in all aspects of what we do and how we do them. 

Jason F.


"I would like to recommend Kate's work. Being her mentor at the McKenzie Institute Diploma course, I saw her working with clients; I was impressed by her knowledge, reasoning skills and may be most important they way how she managed clients. As a very kind empathic person she is a great therapist!" 

Hans H.

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