The major problem with expert opinion is that experts “get in to trouble because of…. what they know for sure that just ain’t so” Mark Twain.

A common consequence of this problem in business is that the information used to diagnose a owner/business symptoms are limited to “core”data elements known or thought to be useful for diagnosis, for the Diagnosis-Treatment link, for establishing what treatments would be best suited for the owner/business.

This type of thinking seems to have generalised in to many business guru’s practice and fails to produce the results the client/business owner desires.   By not applying rigorous assessment processes we are not looking in the right places for answers, we are failing to appreciate that looking in the same places as before is likely to give the same result, missing the opportunity to illuminate a different path to shed light on where the true answer lies.

By going “back to school” to learning the Anatomy and Physiology of a business you are able to learn the how to assess and diagnose your own business!.. You become empowered to apply the skills you already have from clinical practice, to improve the reliability and honesty of your own business assessment and discover your own diagnosis and treatment path to the outcome you desire.

If you aren’t already clear, you will unravel and find both your’s, your teams and your businesses goals, contraindications, comorbidities, preferences, expectations and values.   Matching this information with the strengths and weaknesses of what you have available will expose the available “treatments”.

Our role is simply to provide you with the training, guidance, support, community, confidence,  discipline, safety and structure as you achieve this and learn to trust yourself.


Use of the Assessment–Diagnosis–Treatment–Outcomes Model to Improve Patient Care Kevin F. Spratt, PhD MILITARY MEDICINE, 178, 10:121, 2013