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Triage Your Clinic

You can’t perform your best when you’re sick – and this means EVERY area of your life is affected.

Your business is no different...

Struggling with debt, unable to pay your bills, being overworked and underpaid and having a business which feels as if everything is falling apart are just some of the symptoms a sick clinic can face...

Your business is complex and runs several layers deep – from management, teams, operations and patients. An issue at one level can seriously impact other levels and create long-term complications for you if you don’t fix the problem.

That’s why it’s essential to triage your clinic so you can assess, diagnose and then treat the root cause of your problems so you can have a clinic that thrives.

The Triage Call is a key component of The Markland Method – a system that enables you to assess, measure and analyse the true cause, impact and treatment required to resolve your business problems.

The Triage Call allows us to assess, diagnose and then prescribe a treatment plan for your clinic, so you can once more find the joy and passion in your practice.

If you want to be the best clinician you can be AND reap the benefits of a more profitable and successful business, then the Triage Call is for you and will enable you to:

  • Actively reduce debt
  • Reduce working hours and have more time with loved ones
  • Have predictability in your income
  • Remove worry and stress and sleep better knowing your risks and liabilities are in hand
  • Run a more stable and efficient business
  • Increase your freedom to deliver the service you desire
  • Increase career satisfaction for you, your family, your team and clients
  • Create more impact with your clients and community

Our primary goal with the Triage Call is to get you stable. We’ll help you reduce your liabilities and risks as quickly as possible – because these are the things that can massively impact your success and can also derail you VERY quickly.

You’ll benefit from a more productive, stable and efficient clinic, so you can then focus on growing your business and thriving!

Don’t wait for a disaster to happen. Book your Triage Call now and start seeing a more efficient practice!


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Kate Markland

Creator of The Markland Method

About The Author

Kate had been a successful hands on physiotherapist for a number of years but wanted to grow the business so she was more hands off, whilst at the same time increasing her income.

Having looked around the industry, she couldn't find anything suitable and created the Markland Method, a sure fire way of increasing income, having more time off, whilst enjoying what you do.

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