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Do You Want To Grow A People Centred, Profitable Practice?  

Increase Your Income And Client Contribution, Whilst Improving Yours And Your Teams Work Life Balance?

The Markland Method

To Create A People Centred Profitable Practice

You Need Training And Education In The Anatomy And Physiology Of A Business And It's Implementation

The Markland Method Diploma Program has been designed to educate and support you as Clinicians and Healthcare business owners remove chaos and uncertainty, and implement the STRUCTURE and FUNCTION in to your business.  You will learn how to ASSESS, DIAGNOSE and TREAT your business, so it runs more effectively and efficiently and GROWS to give you a predictable OUTCOME in line with your goals, therefore producing better outcomes for you, your team, clients and community.

The Markland Academy is a 12 month modular programme for a international community of Healthcare Business Owners.  Just like an MSc the full programme can be completed 12months or you can take stand alone modules, we will teach you, coach and mentor you as you implement The Markland Method and transform your business.  

The team and I commit to every client and care deeply about your success.  We guarantee by the end of the program you have at least doubled the cost of the course or moduel you have taken either in increased profit, or hourly rate.  We are here to set up for success in business and life.  To achieve this we only take on 15 businesses on per module, meaning we can give you the attention you deserve, and ensure you create a real impact. 

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  • This is what you will learn and implement throughout the 12month programme...
  • CONTROL of your risks so you can have peace of mind and sleep at night
  • KNOWLEDGE of your numbers to ensure you have stable revenue, control of costs and a predictable income.
  • CLARITY on your clinic's purpose, you will know where you are going
  • see and respect your business as a living entity with its own form and function, its own Anatomy and Physiology.
  • learn how to apply the skills you already have to assess, diagnose and treat your business as such so it grows to give you the outcome and contribution you and your team desire.

All of this will be achieved over the 12 months through a modular education and coaching programme during which you will

  • be part of a cohort/community with whom you will work and learn together
  • receive fortnightly online teaching delivered by a specialist in the field to help you and your team
  • understand your financials and implement management accounts
  • set up key performance indicators
  • methods to listen to client feedback
  • define your asset
  • implement marketing campaigns
  • have sales conversations
  • deliver a defined client journey
  • set forecasts
  • set objectives
  • manage teams
  • manage payroll
  • conduct team meetings
  • map out a team journey with career progression
  • recruit and induct new team members
  • give trust and responsibility to others and trust yourself
  • hand over all business administration

Plus You Will

  • receive templates for all of the above which you can grab and then you and your team can make your own as you implement
  • take part in facilitated peer-to-peer learning sessions with your a cohort
  • 1:2:1 support with monthly personal coaching calls delivered by an experienced performance coach

In addition you will receive :

  • access to the Exclusive Facebook Group
  • week day radio with Kate
  • behind the scenes access to our business structure and rhythms
  • opportunity to spend a day in the clinic shadowing the team
  • a free copy of The Markland Method Handbook as soon as it is published

This unique programme programme is designed to help you become as awesome a clinic owner as you are clinician, so you, your team and clients fly.

Free up your time to WORK as you desire GROW your business in line with your purpose ENJOY your hobbies SEE you friends and family.

Reduce debt, reduce working hours, worry less and get rid of frustration, increase your understanding of how to run a business, increase your income, increase your freedom to deliver the service you trained and desire to deliver increase happiness and life satisfaction for you, your team and clients.

Triage your clinic, and put a "thumbprint" on your business health TODAY!


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Kate Markland

Creator of The Markland Method

About The Author

Kate had been a successful hands on physiotherapist for a number of years but wanted to grow the business so she was more hands off, whilst at the same time increasing her income.

Having looked around the industry, she couldn't find anything suitable and created the Markland Method, a sure fire way of increasing income, having more time off, whilst enjoying what you do.


I am thoroughly enjoy working at the Markland clinic. I have huge respect for the way that Kate speaks about the importance of understanding the entire patient journey from the moment of first contact and continued rehab. The clinic's values are very much in tune with my own, for example not only is the physiotherapy intervention important, but all interactions with the client are fundamental to ensure a holistic rehab journey. Kate creates an atmosphere of trust and accountability, which has provided me with the responsibility and autonomy to grow without feeling unsupported. Not only am I involved with physiotherapy, Kate has also enlisted me on a marketing training course and helped me further develop my marketing skills from a previous job to benefit this clinic. I am fortunate enough to say that I always look forward to coming in to work, even on a Monday morning, and love working in this team! 

Dale (current team member)


The huge team bond that the clinic possesses is perfect to support my learning and develop my skills. This is accomplished through weekly training based on current literature excellent for building and maintaining our CPD's as well as providing 1-to-1's to encourage individual support. This allows my to practice with confidence when faced with the diverse patient demographic that has built up my caseload. I feel a connection to the ethos of the clinic, which is to supply as much support to our clients as possible throughout their rehab journey and beyond. The passion and openness Kates convey's enables me to take ownership and really care for every day that I work. And is a big reason I love my Job. 

George (current team member)

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