Here is a little know simple client attraction formula 

Transformation + Ideal Client + Planned Activity + Measurement = Results

Now you are ready to create your client attraction experiments around your business strategy, ideal client and the services you provide which will help them.   Get started by downloading your “Client Attraction Lab Book”.

Many clinic owners struggle with marketing because

  • they haven’t done the preparatory work you have
  • they’re using marketing plans rather than “experiments” to rolling out marketing without knowing what is working and what isn’t. 

How to create an ideal client attraction experiment 

  • Identify which of your services helps your ideal client achieve the transformation they desire 
  • What is your message to them? Start tapping into those pain points and how your practice can help them with their challenges. Make the content really relevant to them, provide a really specific solution or a specific problem.  And when people feel it’s highly relevant to them they resonate. They’ll connect and think “Oh, this is speaking to me” “This is relevant to me”. Potential clients will respond to what is most important to them, because most people are interested in me, myself and I. Especially when in pain, you don’t care about anything else, care about anyone else, you just want to be out of that pain. And all you’re focused on in that moment is how that pain is affecting you or stopping you from doing things. You job is to make sure your content is highly relevant to your potential client, the more relevant, the more people are going to respond. That’s ultimately what this is about.
  • What is your call to action? Once you have engaged people, you must direct them to take an action. Don’t leave them abandoned. Tell them what you want them to do. Download a ebook, call the clinic, subscribe to a list.  You have to be explicit and specific in your call to action.  Put thought into this and start with something that’s quite easy to get behind, because if you’re trying to sell a really high end programme of Facebook or Google, it might be a bit of a stretch. Really what you want to do is demonstrate how you can help somebody by getting them in for an assessment.
  • Which method are you going to use communicate the message? Base this on where you are most likely to find your ideal client and what naturally works for you eg. if you struggle with writing use video, if you hate turning a camera on start with local relationships, downloads, blogs, podcasts, email, social media posts, live videos, speaking events or client case studies.  Start by using communicate in styles that you are comfortable with in places your potential clients hangout!  
  • What are the goals? How many clients are you hoping to attract and at what value?
  • Who is going to do each of these actions? Make sure this doesn’t look too exhausting and that you and your team can execute it!
  • When are you going to roll this out?
  • How are you going test and measure if it has worked or not?

At the core of successful marketing experiments is differentiation

People notice things that aren’t the same eg. if everyone is doing email campaigns, you should do something different. Do something that’s not an email market campaign, and your likelihood of marketing success amplifies significantly.

It’s very hard to do in practice because we want to do what everyone else is doing. “It’s best practice…… it works for everyone else” but doing something that’s different, puts you out there. It makes you very visible!

And there’s another element too, you must be different and attractive, compelling to make the right people might say, “That’s what I need!” Being different alone is not enough, but you don’t just want to be seen, you want to seen as someone that professionally helps people. 

Tip: You communicate all day long in the treatment room talking to people, answering their questions about their pains, communicating to them a solution it is just behind a closed door’s.  Now open that door and simply put out what you do in a new way that people haven’t seen and you’ll stand out.

Marketing Alchemy REVEALED


Attracting Clients and the Myth of Marketing can seem like a Mystery for many clinic owners.  This mini-course reveals to you the Alchemy of Marketing.

It is broken into 3 primary lessons:

  • WHO do you help?
  • WHAT do you do?
  • HOW will they hear about you?

What you’ll get:

  • A workbook
  • And the templates you need to create a simple actionable marketing experiment, which you fully understand are in control of

PS. You are the CEO of your healthcare business and it’s time to step up and own that power!