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The Biology of Business

50 Trillion cells in our human body work together for the success of the individual

There are 7 billion people in the world…. we haven’t been doing a good job so far, but could we work together like our cells for the success of humanity and the environment?

Humanity and nature are not separate – we are one

When we talk of “natural resources” and fish stocks", we are suggesting that the Earth’s fabric holds no value apart from what it provides us. That leads us to exploit it recklessly…. and that includes the self inflicted exploitation of ourselves and our fellow humans!

However many National Geographic and Wildlife shows you watch there is no dog-eat-dog imperative for humans.  We are at the top of the predator/prey food chain.  Without natural predators. We are spared from becoming “prey” and from the violence that term implies.   

However despite our lofty position on the food chain, we are our own worst enemy.  More than any other animal, we turn on ourselves.  In social populations other than humans, the primary cause of intraspecies violence is either the acquisition of air, water, and food required for survival or selection of mates for propagation. 

In contrast the violence amongst humans is more often associated with the acquisition of material possessions beyond what is necessary for sustenance, or the the distribution and purchase of drugs to escape the nightmare world we have created or child and spousal abuse passed down generation after generation.   Perhaps the most widespread and insidious form of human violence is ideological control.  

Human violence is neither necessary nor is it an inherent genetic animal survival skill.  We have the ability, and I believe the evolutionary mandate, to stop!

We need relationships and love as much as we need food.  Yet we impose on ourselves and out teams the same  12-14 hour/day working conditions that the majority of textile factory workers during the Industrial Revolution endureed.  Are we work endlessly for profit when our partners and children request our time attention and love?

Time to reconnect the dots

Humans and nonhumans are kin with intrinsic value to be respected, rather than external objects to be dominated or exploited.

The entanglement of humanity and nature, emphasises that there is no such thing as an independent self and that all things depend on others for their existence and well-being. But the global socioeconomic systems were founded on the exploitation of the natural world for profit.


 “Science suggests that the next stage of human evolution will be marked by awareness that we are all interdependent cells within the super-organism called humanity.”

Number 1 we are a community

In our body each organ or cell works like a miniature human, working side-by-side helping each other accomplish the pumping of your heart and breathing through your lungs and all the other millions and millions of tasks that need to happen.. it is teamwork at its finest!

The functions required for a single cell to stay alive are the same as the functions required by a community of cells to stay alive.  But cells started to specialise when they formed multicellular communities, there is a division of labour.  And assembled colonies of other evolved cells can share and expand their capability.

This division of labour is evident in tissues and organs that carry out specialised functions. For example, in the single cell, respiration is carried out by the mitochondria. In the multicellular organism, the mitochondrial equivalent for respiration are the billions of specialised cells that form the lungs.

How can we work better within our businesses with our teams, with ourselves?


You can run your business in the same way… defining the “organs” and their functions, giving specific responsibility to team members and have everyone work side-by-side to accomplish a purpose greater than that which anyone individual can.

The capacity of the individual whether it be person or cell has a limit. When a cell fulfils its evolution, in order to get smarter, cells start banding together with other cells to form multicellular communities. 

Imagine if you empowered and trusted your community, your team to support each other to succeed as a collective…

The Markland Method has been designed to help you create a people centred profitable business, which enhances your, your families, teams and clients quality of life.


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