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Here's how The Markland method works

The Markland Method teaches clinicians, like you, the fundamentals of how to run a business and how to apply your knowledge of structure and function, to the principles of business assessment, diagnosis, treatment, outcome.  

The secret source is our Physical Therapy Business Model which shows you the Biology of Business and puts business into a language you understand.

As you’ll see in a moment, having a successful clinic is NOT that difficult when you know the structure and function of a business and the principles of business assessment, diagnosis, treatment & outcome.

Are you a Clinic Owner who would like to stabilise and grow your healthcare business?

Here is how The Markland Method works:

Assess - Triage the problems in your clinic with an assessment

Diagnose – Understand what’s causing the ‘bleed’ in your clinic so you can work on fixing it

Treat - Repair the issues in your clinic so you’re primed for profitable growth

Implement - To ensure results implement the plan 

Outcome - ​Profitable, happy clinic of your design

The Markland Method helps you understand the anatomy and physiology of a business in an easy to understand way so you can grow profitably while increasing the contribution and impact you make on your community.

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