Content allows clients to sample your expertise before they pick up the phone to you. In this post we discuss why content creation matters and I give you some hints and tips for how you can create content consistently and never run out of ideas.  

As a clinic owner, you can educate your patients and help them through your content.

Content also allows clients to get to know like, and trust you and as a clinician and your team as well. It doesn’t just have to be you as a clinic owner, that’s creating content. It’s something that you can involve your whole team in. You could put in place a calendar so that each person just create’s one piece of content a month or quarter.

I find writing difficult…

I am aware of many clinicians who find writing difficult, as a profession we don’t have to do much “proper writing” we mostly do shorthand note-taking which possibly isn’t going to work as a style of writing the public can read if used in a piece of content.

Alternatively, you could use video and then get them transcribed too, and these transcriptions can be edited for a blog or newsletter. And if you have a plan it can help keep you focused, to account and make it all a lot more manageable.

What do I talk about?

Sooooo the next question now you have understood why creating content is important and know where you could put it, is……

“But, Kate what do I talk about? I haven’t got anything interesting to say!”

Yes you have……. you simply answer every question you have ever been asked in the clinic…. Answer the questions your patients ask!!

Still not sure.

Well…… there is a very brilliant website that means you will never be stuck for something to talk about. Even better than that it will tell you exactly what your potential patients are asking search engine’s about your expertise! And it is FREE!!!!

For example, you just type in back pain, neck pain, and anser the public it comes up with all the questions that people type into Google about their aches and pains. And then you can just simply answer every single one of them. There’s a lot of questions that come up. You can simply start working through answering the questions that people are typing into Google about how you can help, and answering those will also help with your search engine optimization too.

Marketing Alchemy REVEALED


Attracting Clients and the Myth of Marketing can seem like a Mystery for many clinic owners.  This mini-course reveals to you the Alchemy of Marketing.

It is broken into 3 primary lessons:

  • WHO do you help?
  • WHAT do you do?
  • HOW will they hear about you?

What you’ll get:

  • A workbook
  • And the templates you need to create a simple actionable marketing experiment, which you fully understand are in control of

PS. You are the CEO of your healthcare business and it’s time to step up and own that power!