Programmes to Transform and grow your healthcare business 

Do You Want To Grow A Profitable People Centred Practice?  

Increase Your Income And Client Contribution, Whilst Improving Your Work Life Balance?

We help amazing clinicians like you to grow their business and shift away from running an inefficient clinic which usually means crazy hours and zero work-life balance and little or no profit.

Here’s the cold hard truth...

    ...not understanding the principles of business and trying to grow too fast is a deadly combination.

Not Learning the Anatomy and Physiology of a Business, and How to Assess, Diagnose and Treat the Problems Could Kill Your Business Off Completely!

To prevent that happening to your clinic we have put together the 12 month ClinicCORE Programme which is our foundation programme.  

 This is for you if:

  •  Your working crazy hours
  • Struggling with debt and poor cashflow
  • Your practice feels unstable
  • You’re a new clinician who would like their own practice 

In the ClinicCORE Programme you will learn how to ASSESS, DIAGNOSE and TREAT your business, so it runs more effectively and efficiently and is prepared for GROWTH. 

As a direct result of being in the ClinicCORE Programme many of our clients get a direct return on their investment within the first quarter of the programme.

You’ll benefit from a more productive, stable and efficient practice, so you can focus on the next step of growing your business and thriving!

What to do next?

The team and I commit to every client and care deeply about your success.  We guarantee by the end of our programmes you will have recouped the cost of the course in increased profit.  We are here to set you up for success in business and life.  To achieve this we only take on 20 businesses per intake, meaning we can give you the attention you deserve and ensure you create a real impact. 

To see which programme is the best fit for you, book your 25-Minute Triage Call and chat with Kate or one of the team.

You wouldn’t ever dream of treating a patient without proper training, assessment and diagnosis first; doing so would be malpractice...

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