Positivity with Imam Dr Usama Hasan

Positivity with Imam Dr Usama Hasan

Positivity with Imam Dr Usama Hasan

Episode 38 – Positivity with Imam Dr Usama Hasan

Scientist and religious leader, Iman Dr Usama Hasan discusses with Kate Markland

– why positivity matters and how it is contagious

– the blessings of Covid 19 and lockdown on a local, national and international level

– our mortality – the preciousness of life and value of every human – the inner challenges and sacrifices made

– appreciation and gratitude for humanity

– loving thy neighbour and thy enemy

– humans and man made items as part of nature

– simple actions we can all take to spread a little joy Usama and Kate could talk all day and many topics are covered.

Enjoy their conversation.


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