A Plan

Here’s the thing….a treatment plan to get a patient 110% better is quite different to a plan that gets them good enough!!!!  And you have to decide what you WANT…. if you are here you have already made your mind up that you want to THRIVE not just SURVIVE! 

AND are willing to put the effort in to WIN so next you need to make a plan to achieve the goals.

WHAT needs to happen to achieve the SMART GOALS…. and WHO is going to do each step (don’t worry about the how its all going to happen right now)

Start with breakdown some numbers for example…. 

If you wrote down you want to create a clinic with £50K profit this year

What do you want your owners pay to be?

What are the overheads?

How much revenue do you need to be making? (Profit+Tax+Owners Pay+Overheads= Revenue)

How many patients do you need be treating?

What are you charging? (more on pricing later)

And how many new patients do you need to be attracting?

What staffing do you require to deliver this?

And WHO is going to do WHAT?

As you do this your goals will start to become really…. and you can start to develop you plan in to see what needs to happen this year and this quarter to move you towards them.

Keep it simple…. remember with patients a simple focused plan is more effective that loads and loads of exercises that never get done and are a distraction from the one thing that’s going to work!