Many clinic owners and clinicians neglect to pay themselves. They work in servitude to clients and team and forget they their business is also there to serve them.

Many clinician owners give everything they have to their business yet don’t have a dime to show for it!  

It is a truth clinic owners struggle with and usually deny most commonly saying it isn’t about the money, and giving quotes about how much they love helping people… but that won’t pay the rent or put food on the table.  Denial won’t work for long.

If you have chosen to run your own clinic you have guts.  Yet too many clinic owners work in tormented servitude to their business, sacrificing personal life in order to give their business a life. 

Until they get to the point where enough is enough and know it is time to start figuring out how to pay yourself a respectable salary.

The days when you pay everyone but yourself need to be over! Remember your business is supposed to serve you too!!!  And your salary should be on a par with the going rate for the work you do, in other words the salary you would have to pay a replacement….

In this video you will discover

  • why it is important you pay yourself
  • how to can workout what your salary should be

TOP TIP: What should your salary be?  What would you have to pay a replacement in your business? What needs to happen for you to be able to pay yourself that salary?  What changes need to be made? 

Create A Super Successful Pla


To do this, you need a plan which is executed.

The implementation of a plan properly and professionally will deliver results.  Consistently doing the right activity will deliver consistent results

With a plan properly in place, things will start to work, you will crack the rhythmic consistent acquisition of clients, and track the right things that keep you on track.

You will get:

  • A copy of the same template business plan I use to organise my thoughts and ideas into an actionable business plan.
  • Focus on what you need to do and what to check in on.
  • Clarity on what to monitor and measure. Some things will go according to plan, some things better than plan, and some things worse than planned. Thats why knowing you numbers and where you are going matters

What are you waiting for?  Get started with your plan today.