Live Q&A. What should the team and I wear in the clinic?

What should the team and I wear in the clinic?

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Kate Markland: Good afternoon and welcome to The Clinic Owners Business Club Lunchtime live with Celia Champion and myself, Kate Markland on Thursday 3rd December. So I’m sure you want to know, just like I do. What sorts of Gin Celia had in last night’s advent calendar?

Celia Champion: It was an excellent, apple and spice. It was absolutely gorgeous. Did you have another chocolate brussel sprout?

Kate: We have an Advent Train and my six year old has decided to be the elf and has put chocolate brussel sprouts throughout it. This is much to his delight as he knows I don’t like sprouts, but still every Christmas day, I have to have one to keep granny happy. Anyway, today is Thursday and where this week is going? It seems to be flying by and on Thursdays we answering any questions. And this particular question has come in and I know full well, it consumed an awful lot of time and conversation in my clinic too. So I think it’s important to answer the question….

What Should The Team As I Wear In The Practice?

So I really think from my own experience, it’s something that you do have to make a decision about and that you do have to have guidelines in place because if you don’t, you will get tested on them.

Celia Champion: I think it’s a very personal choice. So I think you need to think about want to be projecting about your practice and your clothing is going to be part of that. So it’s part of your brand. Work out what your kind of key core values are, and what you want people to be saying about you when they come into your practice. Maybe you want them to be saying that your professional or your clinical, your casual, you’re comfortable family friendly environment, you’ve got all those kinds of things are going to guide you as to what attire you might be wanting to wear. I’ve seen so many different things in practices. You know, I’ve seen people wear shirts and ties, people wearing clinical tunics, clinical coats, or you get a lot of clinics that have branded polo shirts and more kind of sporting gear.

So if you’re very sport orientated clinics, then maybe you’d go down that route. I suppose the one kind of thing that one needs to just be careful with around the clothing is if you’re insisting for your self-employed to be wearing your branded clothing, that could contribute to suggest that they should be employed rather than self-employed, which is obviously a different conversation altogether, but it is something that you need to consider when you’re supplying uniforms, whether you charge for them, whether you get them to wear branded stuff.

Kate Markland: It really made a big difference for me when we had some very clear guidelines.  And initially I remember writing guidelines, I put down the position of the business on piercings, on tattoos, on hairstyles. And I remember at the time thinking really does it really needs to be this detailed, but it does. It does because you will get tested on those details at some point in time. And at least if you’ve got a guideline or a policy about it, you’ve got something to refer back to and just help make it clear for everybody so that you reduce awkward conversations that need to have, with team members.

Celia Champion: What Kate was saying about being very clear about it and outlining it, that should be discussed in the interview stage already so that the people that are going to accept any position that you’re offering already know what is expected. And then the other thing with clothing is, unfortunately, some people just don’t have the same level of standards. So you know, you, you do have to maybe be a bit clear about, how often you change your shirts, that you have to iron your shirts and tucking in. I know it sounds, like surely that’s common sense. There is no such thing as common sense, your standard is something different from someone else’s probably.

Kate Markland: And what we have to remember is clients know, from other services, how to judge what we wear, whether our skirting boards are clean and how we present ourselves, but they don’t know how to judge or assess our clinical skills.

But they can very quickly form an opinion on whether you look smart, professional, clean, and tidy, whether they feel safe in your hands by how you’re presenting yourself.

Celia Champion: Hopefully that helps. We will be back on Monday for marketing Monday. Have a brilliant weekend.

Kate Markland: And we’ll look forward to hearing about what Gin you get in your advent calendar over the weekends Celia take care, have a great time. Bye-bye.

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