Letting Your Patients Know You Are Open

Letting Your Patients Know You Are Open 

How can you be heard above all the noise…?

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Kate Markland: Good afternoon and welcome to your first Clinic Owners Lunchtime Live with Kate Markland and Celia Champion . Good afternoon, Celia.

Celia Champion: Hi, how are you, Kate

Kate Markland: Thank you. I’m good. I’m good. Bearing up this, this second lock down. Although I think Wales have just been allowed the freedoms back again today.

Celia Champion: Yeah, well, I had, we’ve we have a COVID, positive child in our house right now. So we are all in isolation and I had a call from the NHS and I thought it was quite amusing the way he said, well, you know, working out the dates that we had to be in isolation and he said, so your last day in isolation is the 17th, you will have your freedom day on the 18th , I suppose, freedom as in, I can go out into the forest again, which will be fantastic, but we’re still in lockdown.

Kate Markland: Oh, well hopefully, many of the clinicians listening are still being able to work because this lock down unlike previous, we’re still able to keep practicing. So the purpose of these lunchtime lives, little team huddles are to help inspire you

and support you as the clinic owners get through this so that you can continue helping your clients.

Kate Markland: It’s Monday and Monday’s is going to be marketing. So today we thought we would talk about the importance of communication, because I’m sure on the radio, press on the internet and social media. Link us you’ve I’ve been bombarded by

just chaos and noise, especially with the Trump and the US elections going on. We have just been absolutely bombarded and it’s same is true for your clients. They are being filled with information, chaos left, right and center.

Celia Champion: So as a clinician and the clinic owner, we feel it’s really important that you keep your communication clear and simple and crisp for your clients. So they know exactly what they can expect from you with certainty. And I think, that the fact that you are able to practice second time round and, and also knowing h ow your clients reacted when they weren’t able to come to you , you know some of their health went downhill, because they couldn’t come and have, face to face treatment with you. So now it’s really, really important to let patients know that you are still open for business, that they can come to you, for face-to-face treatment and hands-on treatment. Just really assuring them again about the safety precautions that you’re putting in place to keep them safe and to keep yourself and your team safe, you know, reach out let patients know that you are there, that you are open and that you are practicing as safely .

Kate Markland: I thought it was really nice this morning. Celia and I both have had injured shoulders recently over the last few months. I’ve been seeing a physios and I had a message from Chris this morning, checking in on how I am whether we needed to progress . And I was so glad

of that the reminder. I have been doing my exercises and yes, in theory, I should know what to do myself, but I still need somebody when injured as I go back into patient mode. And I was so glad that the message from Chris this morning, checking in with me, I asked him when we’re going to have our next appointment so we can progress my shoulder on. Just like your clients we have all been busy with judging schools, family, and everything else during this COVID chaos, if we’re as clinicians just to give that simple message, how are you? We’re still open for business. Anything I can do to help? It’s reassuring and certain amid the chaos.

Celia Champion: I also think, if you’ve got patients that can’t come to see you, how else can you help those patients? You know, I think you can give a tremendous, a lot of advice. I know, you know, obviously you’re a fan of hands-on treatment. But I have also had great advice when I haven’t been able to go in to see my Physio. So, you know, think about those patients that you could actually still be reaching out to and helping with some simple kind of pointers, or even sometimes just reminders. You know, sometimes patients

just don’t know what they don’t know. And so even if you think it’s fairly obvious, you know, maybe, maybe just kind of communicate about stretchers or, you know, self- care that your patients can be doing for themselves doing and whilst locked down, especially if they’re not able to come to your clinic and the tools you can use to do this really simple.

Kate Markland: I mean, obviously email newsletters can go out and your doing social media posts or

sending texts or WhatsApp messages. And you can do those in bulk . I don’t know that I’ve got bulk message from Chris, but you can send them out bulk texts, using text local and things like that. But the power of the telephone never fails to, surprise me in terms of the value of just picking up the phone and calling clients that, you know, need to check in, and keeping it so simple, just picking up the phone, calling people, asking how are you, is there anything you can do to help is the simplest form of communication. So, so powerful.

Celia Champion: Yeah. And you know, I think that the patient retention is really, really important. So, you know, making sure that you are keeping in touch with those patients that you believe need to come to you. either if they’re in a course of care at the moment, that’s really important. I f they cancel their appointment get in touch with them and found out why they cancelled the appointment.

Celia Champion: You might also have patients that benefit from, maintenance care. So, you know, if you know that the patients would really benefit coming in once a quarter or every six months or once a year or whatever, you kind of, whatever you believe is in the most best clinical interest for your patients, get in touch with them to remind them about those appointments that they should be attending.

Kate Markland: Perfect, remember its just simple, crisp communication with your clients to help give them certainty during these uncertain times. And hopefully we’ve given you a range of reasons why and some important and strategies that we can use. So we’re going to see you Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays at one o’clock, we’ll be slightly earlier tomorrow whilst we get this sorted in our diaries. And if you’ve got any questions, you’d like to ask that to do that take care, and we will see you tomorrow lunch time. Have a great afternoon. Bye bye for now.

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