I am joined by shepherd, author and speaker Chris Farnsworth join us as we discuss

    • Lessons from the Foot and Mouth epidemic
    • Dealing with unpredictability
    • What sheep can teach us about leadership
    • The similarities between shepherding and running a business
    • Whether you are the shepherd, the sheep the dog in life and business

About Chris Farnsworth

Founder Raising the Baa, Head Shepherd, Facilitator, Author and Speaker

Born and bred in London, Chris decided he wanted to be a farmer from the age of 8. He demonstrated great promise as a future entrepreneur by burying coins in his garden so he could grow money trees – well that’s where his dad told him it came from!

After 3 years of globetrotting including spells of work on an Israeli kibbutz, ploughing on the prairies of Canada and cotton-picking in Australia, livestock held more appeal for him than crop farming and specifically sheep-farming.

At the peak of his shepherding career Chris looked after 6500 sheep with the aid of just two dogs and its darkest period was caused by Foot and Mouth when he virtually lost his livelihood. To compensate, Chris formed an association with Forever – the aloe vera company – as a distributor, team-builder and regional trainer.

Over the years as a business mentor, Chris would often draw parallels between shepherding and teamwork so when local charity Inner Flame needed an experiential learning challenge as part of its personal development course for teenagers, the idea of team building with sheep was hatched. “… gets people working together … it works on so many levels” says David Wreathall, Founder/Director Inner Flame.

Chris’ company Raising the Baa run inspirational, fun and practical programmes for mainly corporate clients. He draws on his unique skill-set of shepherding and business coaching to help individuals build the best team in their field.

“They really needed everybody on the same page to accomplish the mission, especially against a deadline. Identifying challenge, producing strategy and dealing with setbacks, not giving up.”  Burnley Football Club

“We have since changed management style and pushed a lot more decision making down to the team. Problem definition has become a lot better and listening to and understanding each other has really improved”  ARM

“Really good to be out here in the open, having to communicate with each other. …. Enables us to see each other in a different light… build more of a relationship than just being colleagues”  Nationwide

“You can’t fake it with animals, there’s no give up.. you have to work as a team… there are no loopholes in this, you have to do the work … that’s quite different to other team building events” Pret a Manger

Chris offers a refreshingly different perspective on some traditional themes such as:

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Creativity

… and his highly popular ‘signature’ talk “In business/life, are you the Sheep, the Shepherd or the Dog?” https://raisingthebaa.com/

Linkedin Username:: Https://www.linkedin.com/in/ccfarnsworth

If you would like to hear more from Chris

Chris has recently created a purely social and fun experience, It’s All About Ewe, which will be of appeal to teams simply wanting to get to know each other, to have fun and see one another in the fresh air and not from behind a screen.  The short version of this, just 75 minutes, is aimed purely at friends and family in their groups of 6 across 2 households https://raisingthebaa.com/itsallaboutewe/


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