There has perhaps never been a trickier time as a clinic owner to manage a team, and it is worth thinking about which style of leadership will work best for you. The part of team ownership is about the experience that’s being created in your practice for the clients and for the team, something which is often neglected.

Which style of leadership will work best for you?

The leader-follower model is an industrial model which worked in factories.

However, clinicians are a more educated population, with more cognitive solutions. This means having the courage to open up the floor to your entire team including clients and listening to their ideas and inspirations could reveal you some fabulous, new ways of working.

There is still a responsibility of the owner of the clinic and the leader of the clinic to take responsibility and accountability, for making business decisions. Sometimes people will have so many ideas that it’s difficult for the clinic owner to implement everything and nor should they. But it is important to listen for those golden nuggets and then take responsibility to implement the ideas that are in line with the direction you are taking the practice is going with everybody being accountable so that you are creating a leader-leader model rather than a leader-follower model.

Sometimes too many ideas can be dangerous and a total distraction. And it is necessary to prioritise decisions that support the health of the clinic long-term rather than being a knee-jerk short-term idea.