Leader-Leader or Leader-Follower which style of leadership will work best for you?

Leader-Leader or Leader-Follow which Style of Leadership will work best for you? #TrainingTuesdays

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Kate Markland: Good afternoon and welcome to lunchtime on Tuesday, 10th of November a little bit earlier today, just to squeeze it in with mine and Celia’s diaries, we hope you’re enjoying these lunchtime lives . So today, is Tuesday, as a theme on a Tuesday, we’re going to do a mini training for you. And today we thought we would share with you our thoughts on leadership and perhaps some inspiration to help you understand how there is actually an opportunity to right now and be thinking about involving your teams and your clients in all the services that you’re offering.

Celia Champion: I think as clinic owners now it’s been, really tricky to manage teams because a lot of your teams might have been on furlough. They might be at home and

I’ve seen kind of some clinicians almost just step back from it completely. T hen others have actually involved their teams in zoom meetings. And, what we’ve seen is where, leaders are more open to listening to their team that you never know where the good ideas come from. I remember long time ago in my business in South Africa, we had a strategic weekend away. And I invited everybody in our whole team to come. I decided to invite absolutely everybody. And one of the best, most transformational idea came from one of our, technicians who, who was kind of at the lowest level, he was at the point where he would be putting the cables and he was learning on the job. And actually he came up with a fantastic idea that just transformed our business. So I just think, you know, be open to listening. God gave you two years and one mouth use them in proportion.

Kate Markland: The other thing to recognize is the leader follower model is an industrial model which worked in factories . We’re a more educated population, with more cognitive solutions, opening the floor to the entire team and to our clients, to listening to their ideas and inspirations and the creativity they have could find

some fabulous, new ways of working.

Celia Champion: I think there is still the responsibility of the owner of the clinic and the leader of the clinic to take responsibility and accountability, and also make business decisions. So sometimes people will have so many ideas that it’s difficult for the clinic owner to implement things, but I think it is just as important to show that you are listening. And listening out for those golden golden nugget opportunities that you might not have thought about on your own, but then taking the responsibility to implement the ideas that are in line with your purpose and your values and the vision of your business, prioritizing them. I was with speaking


to a client earlier today and she’s full of ideas and, she’s sees opportunities here, there, and everywhere, but the problem is, is that she’s got so many going on that we need to kind of say, okay, come on. Let’s really look at each of these opportunities. Is it an opportunity or is it a distraction? And then start prioritizing what actually fits in with her long-term planning. And make sure we are making decisions for the long-term not a knee-jerk short term decision.

Kate Markland: Which is where we’re keeping inline with our purpose and making sure that we’re creating a team of leaders. And actually I think that very much includes our clients as well, that we’re really listening to what the opportunities are and then prioritizing what we’re going to implement and how we’re going to implement it with everybody being accountable for that . So we’re creating a leader-leader model rather than a leader- follower model.

Celia Champion: I think the other thing that I was chatting to with my client earlier, which comes into this regarding, which kind of model you take on. .

So she’s at the moment, got some of her, therapists on zero hours and there’s just, no, buy-in, they’re just not aligned with the overall purpose of the business. And so we are looking at employment models going forward, and, and bringing people on board that aren’t just coming on as clinicians, but they want to be involved in, in the journey of, of the business.

Kate Markland: The parts of team ownership is about the experience that’s being created for the clients and for them as the team as well. So that’s our top tip for Tuesday. We’re going to try and keep these Tuesdays a cup of coffee length about five minutes. So I hope you to that and got some inspiration on the difference between a leader – follower model and a leader- leader model and which, or the balance between those that might be right for you. Celia and I are working on some book reviews at the moment that cover some of these topics and we’ll be out fingers crossed what happens finished soon, very shortly. H ave a great day and we will see you tomorrow. Wednesday is all about money. Wealth on Wednesday. So take care and we’ll see you tomorrow. Lunch time.

Bye bye for now.

Celia Champion: Bye


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