“Quarantine is when the movement of sick people is restricted. Tyranny is when the movement of healthy people is restricted. Propaganda is when the media deliberately deceive the public about that difference. A genuinely lethal pandemic doesn’t require a 24/7 PR campaign” Dr Simon

Governmental Health Advice:

  1. Take a potentially harmful experimental drug against a virus that most likely won’t pose any danger to you.
  2. Wear harmful masks.
  3. Isolate yourself from your family and friends.
  4. Stop visiting the gym or your sports club.
  5. Neither go too much outside nor go on holidays; i.e. avoid vitamin D synthesis.
  6. Prescribe a handful of drugs that will never really make you healthy.

Dr. Simon’s Health Advice:

  1. Make sure you eat healthily and supplement smartly (magnesium, zinc, melatonin, etc.). Grow your own food if possible.
  2. Expose yourself to the sun for at least 30 minutes a day, covering your body as little as possible.
  3. Exercise every day. Get in shape with cardio and strength sports.
  4. Give up on drugs (especially alcohol) and sleep at least 8 hours per night.
  5. Have a rich social life. Enjoy the reality with friends and limit (social) media consumption to 1-2 hours per day.
  6. Get off statin drugs.

I’m convinced that Dr Simon’s method would have prevented millions of deaths and is something that as a health professional you can easily promote to clients and colleagues. Social isolation and wearing masks cannot replace the treadmill or hide the inconvenient truth that high body fat percentage poses a higher health risk than common cold. As a Physiotherapist or health professional reading this you have the tools available to inspire a cycle of change and personal ownership of health.

The importance of this is reiterated by sports scientist Tim Noakes.

What about ethics?

“It’s unethical to test healthy people.
It’s unethical to isolate children.
It’s unethical to censor science.
It’s unethical to shut down debate.
It’s unethical to destroy livelihoods.
It’s unethical to spread fear and panic.
It’s unethical to promote experimental drugs.
It’s unethical to implement a Social Credit System.

Some of you wouldn’t even recognise tyranny if they forced you to wear a mask and prohibited you from getting within 1.5 meters of a fellow human being.” Dr Simon

It is time to raise our game as health professionals and end the abuse of ourselves and the population we serve rather than being foot soldiers of the global elite.

WHEN the National Health Service was being established after the Second World War, some doctors were uneasy about the likely effect on their relationship with patients. Neville Hodgkinson wrote:

He is servant of his patient

When master of his fate

But master of his patient

When servant to the state”

Source: Dr Simon https://t.me/goddek

Image: Bob Moran https://t.me/bobmoran

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