Most Physiotherapy Practice Owners shy away from the fact that profit matters!  Your are likely underpaid and working in tormented servitude to your business, team and clients.  Does everyone get paid before you?
Don’t let this continue…..
Profitability matters.  If you are profitable you have a healthy business which enables you to
  • deliver your purpose
  • make and impact in your community
  • attract more clients to help
  • and a employ team
  • grow your business
  • pain yourself a respectable salary
  • sleep at night

Without having a health profitable practice none of these things are possible and you spiral in in to debt, doom and despair… denying that money matters!

This is not ok you have invested in great clinical skills and taken a risk to own your own practice which has the potential to make a great impact on the lives of others .   But that is only possible if Physiotherapy Clinic Owners learn how to plan and execute when it comes to the budgeting and financial tracking side of our business in order to get the results that we want to get.

Purpose and values matter as people come to you and buy from you because they believe in your business’ values and what it stands for but without profit your business can not succeed and help as many clients as possible.

Many Physiotherapists feel guilty or ashamed talking about money…. but it matters and it is critical you have a profit plan if you want your practice to be healthy and achieve its potential!

To find out more jump on a diagnostic call and I’ll help you start your journey to making a practice profit plan!