Gathering client testimonials is very valuable for clinics and clinicians. At times most clinicians go through periods of time where they undervalue themselves. And one of the best ways to actually realise your value is to actually ask patients for your feedback, listen to it, read it, let it soak in, and think about how you are adding value to your patients’ lives. Then use the testimony to help you can communicate to other how you can help them too.

How do I ask for a review

All too often I discover clinic owners have been considering asking for testimonials but wondered how to ask and actually feel quite shy of asking. Yet I know from experience and majority of patients will be absolutely happy provide you with a review as they are super grateful of what you do for them.

Try it really simple for your patients.

Maybe even just ask them to answer a few questions. What made you choose us? What problem were you having that made you pick up the phone and come to us? What did you do? And what are the results from the treatment? Why did you come to us? What did you like about us? and what have your results been?

Ask them to articulate A few things and then you can direct them to where you want them leave the feedback and make it easy for them as well.

If you want to build up your Google reviews, send them a link so that they can easily add a review onto Google. If you want to put it onto your Facebook, or even if you just want them to fill in a quick form or email you and that you are able to then put it onto your website.

Just think about what do you want clients to leave feedback on, where do you want to be posting it and make it easy.

When should I ask for the testimonial?

The easiest time to ask is when clients are glowing with gratitude to you, it’s such a simple time to ask. One clinic owner I work with asks for reviews as part of her follow-up process. Some clinic owners do recommendation months and they just have all over the practice “It’s our recommendation month, please leave us a review on Facebook or Google”.

What should I say?

Your request needs to be natural and in your words. You could try variations of:
“Oh, we love hearing that, we’d be ever so grateful if you add a review on our Facebook, because we rely on reviews”.
Just listen for those opportunities when patients say, wow, I feel so much better or when patients say, they managed to get back onto the golf course. Just listen for those opportunities and ask. Once you get in the rhythm of collecting them, it can then very easily become habit.

It will also have an impact on your communication and marketing and help you can express yourself more clearly.

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