Free Resources For Clinicians

We get it! Running a Healthcare Business can be a) hard work b) expensive and c) overwhelming so we've created a number of resources for you which are FREE to access, and will help to move your Practice along.

Vaccinate Your Healthcare Business

Starting on Monday 25th Jan for 10 days I will be holding daily vaccination clinics to help you inoculate your business and ensure your clinic doesn't just survive but thrives in 2021.

Clinic Location: To receive the full dose, just hop in the group https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheBiologyOfBusiness
Clinic Time: Daily 5pm GMT 

Our Free 5 Day Challenge reveals how clinic owners can start to increase profits and reduce their workload by learning our simple system to ‘assess, diagnose and treat’ their business

Join the free 5 Day Diagnostic Challenge for Healthcare Practices so that you can start making more profit, have less stress and run your practice more efficiently by learning how to apply your clinical reasoning skills to the running of your business.

Our next challenge starts on 8th February 2021. To register click here

Best Business Books Reviewed

There are so many great business books out there, but we know how stretched for time most of our clients are. So, we've reviewed 6 of our favourite business books, and created a booklet for you, with key lessons from each and some short exercises for you to do to start assessing, diagnosing and treating your business.

To download click here

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