Exciting News Announcement: Regular Lunchtime Team Huddles

Commencing Monday 9th with Kate Markland and Celia Champion to help you as Clinicians and Clinic Owners navigate the next few days, weeks, months….
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Kate Markland (00:02):

Hi, good afternoon and welcome to the very new, exciting path partnership between myself, Kate Markland and Celia Champion.  Many of you will know one or other of us already, but perhaps not both of us.

Celia, is an expert healthcare business mentor, and she certainly helped me as a clinician and clinic owner over the years and helps many, many other clinic owners get their business in order so that they can achieve the goals that they would desire with the clinic, supporting them meet their professional and personal needs.

I’m Kate Markland  a Physiotherapist and former Clinic Owner and together we’ve formed a partner to help you get through the turmoil of the coming months and provide you some certainty and stability so that you can continue to look after yourself and your family, your clinic, team, and your clients, because as we all know, health and healthcare provision right now has never been more critical.

So we’re going to be helping through the next few months, but first of all, we’d like to take a few moments to talk to you a little bit today about how you can prioritize looking after yourself and your health and why that matters so much.

Celia, I know you’ve done some workshops this week and you’ve really picked up on the theme of how important it is for clinicians and clinic owners to be taking care of themselves right now.

Celia Champion (01:34):

Yeah. I was just speaking yesterday to a clinic owner. Who’s really kind of gone through a lot too while thinking about just having to treat a lot of patients. She’s been a bit short staffed at the moment. And so she’s been kind of packing patients in every slot and space that she can, that she can do it. And she’s made the decision, a difficult decision to actually shut the clinic for a little while, with the second lockdown so that she can just take care of herself so that she can come back stronger and build a better business.   And, you know, I know that it’s taken a lot of strengths and bravery for her to do that and, and tough decisions because at the end of the day, you know, clinicians really just want to help every single patient. But I think clinicians really need to recognize that they need to put the oxygen mask on themselves first because you’re gonna end up helping even less people if you burn out. So it’s really important to put boundaries in place, make sure that you’re looking after yourself, even if you are working long hours. And you’re used to just make sure that you’re putting something in place to help yourself get through these difficult times.

Kate Markland (02:43):

And it’s really taking a little bit of time to talk to yourself, your friends, your family find what specific things are that you know you need, or that they observe that you need to keep yourself well, I know that for myself, every time I get a bit headless, put my trainers on and go for a swim and a different person comes back.

A clinic owner I was speaking to this morning knows that walking is critical to her very specifically with a friends. So she was quite relieved to recognize that that ability to still go for a walk with a friend, is there so it’s prioritizing having five, 10 minutes, half an hour to think about what you need in place so that you can keep meeting the needs of your family and your community.

Because I think as clinicians, we’ve also been talking about how often it’s not just the clients and the team we look after. We were also quite often linchpins in terms of looking at our families.

Celia Champion (03:41):

Mm. Yeah. And I think it’s, it’s often, it’s very tempting when you kind of, when you’re under pressure that say, if exercise is a Keystone habit that really keeps you focused in together and energized. And it’s very easy to let those things go first because you think I don’t have time to go for a run and I don’t have time to go for a walk. I’ll just crack on with my emails. And actually if you stop, go for a walk, clear your head or go for a run or go for a swim, whatever, you know, whatever, really, whatever you find is the most useful thing to do. Meditate, do a bit of yoga, whatever it is, if you stop and do that, and then you go back to doing whatever work you’re doing, you’ll actually achieve things in a much quicker. You’ll be more efficient because you’ve given yourself that time to just take a break rest and come back at us free, come back at it with fresh eyes.

Kate Markland (04:33):

Okay. Thank you. And obviously we’re all living through so much uncertainty and, and predictability at the moment. I think it’s also really valuable to recognize that we are skilled in dealing with uncertainty and unpredictability, because this is what we do for our clients. Our clients come in scared and uncertain all the time. So we probably are more equipped than we recognize if we look after ourselves to handle uncertainty, because we do it all the time as clinicians. And if we can just remember those clinical skills that we apply to clients when they’re in pain and they’re scared and they’re uncertain and apply those to ourselves and our businesses, we’re going to be a much safer ground, or I believe we’re going to be much safer ground.

Celia Champion (05:17):

Yeah, definitely. I think, I think there’s there’s so many examples of where we can actually just get our clients, our clinicians, to look at the way they treat patients and apply that to themselves, to their business. You know, it’s just like thinking about if you had a patient in front of you who was stressed out and working more hours than they should. What advice would you give that patient? It’s time to take your own medicine?

Kate Markland (05:44):

Oh, wonderful, wonderful stuff to do. We’re going to be lunchtime team huddle Monday to Thursday, most, working days. Celia and I are going to be doing five to 10 minute live team huddle to help you as clinicians and clinical owners have some certainty and some grounding, and certainty and answer any questions over the coming weeks, we want to help you get through the next few months with as much ease as is possible. So every single Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, where possible Celia and I will be live at lunchtime for five, 10 minutes, giving our thoughts and whatever, how we can respond to the news and what’s happening and helping provide you with stability and certainty.  Of course, we’re open to answering any questions that you might have too, about your clinic, your team clients, whatever it is you need to ask. We’re here to help. Then on the seventh of December, we have something very exciting.

Celia Champion (06:41):

We are very, very, very excited to be doing our first five day challenge together. And our five day enters there to really support you look at your clinic kind of review where you’re at, think about where you’re wanting to get to, and really just helping you have a successful clinic and, you know, just get through this period of time without making very kind of rash, short term decisions we want, we want to help you thinking about your clinic in the long-term as well. So, and we’d love you to join us in our new five day challenge, which will start on the 7th of December. And we’ll tell you more about that in the coming weeks.

Kate Markland (07:22):

And then we’ve already started planning 2021 as I’m sure some of you have been thinking about desperate to see the back of 2020, and we’ve designed, as you might be able to see from the logo, healthcare professional business club. But can you share a little bit more about that Celia?

Celia Champion (07:39):

Yeah, so we’d love to, you know, we, we’ve been speaking for months and months and months and months now, in fact, we’ve been speaking probably four years now, actually, if, I think back to the time that we met, to have a cup of coffee and chat about working together and we’ve just been doing a lot of work in considering what we think would be the most, you know, most beneficial for our clients. And so we’re going to have a business owners kind of a club business club we, will be able to share more about that as we develop it further. But what would essentially, we’ll be as a smallish group of practitioners that come together we’ll be delivering some kind of training modules. We’ll be doing some one-to-one coaching, we’ll have the community. It’ll just be a kind of one-stop shop to come and get your business littered and get yourself being a confident business owner as well as a competent practitioner.

Kate Markland (08:37):

Wonderful. Thank you very much. So thank you for taking the time to watch us and join us today.

First thing is lunchtime Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays. Most of those days see you and I will be live giving you a team huddle to help support you over the coming weeks.

7Th of December, we’ll be launching the day challenge.

And at the very beginning of January, we’ll be launching the healthcare professionals business club. So look out for all of those in the meantime, have a wonderful weekend, get some rest, prioritize what you need to look after you. And we shall see you on Monday for the first team huddle, take care, and we’ll see you next week.

Bye bye.

See you next week.

Kate Markland

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