Should I be creating content for my clinic?

Should I be creating content for my clinic?

In this episode we discuss why content creation matters and give you some hints and tip for how you can create a content consistently and never run out of ideas.
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Kate Markland:  Hello and welcome to Lunchtime Live. On Monday, 23rd of November, with Celia Champion and myself, Kate Markland. Today, we are talking all about content and why as clinicians and clinic owners, it’s important that we’re creating content. Good afternoon. Celia. Did you have a good weekend

Celia Champion: We did indeed. Thank you very much. It was a bit cold and chilly, but it was really lovely and yeah, back to Monday, just go so quickly.

Kate Markland: Yes I did lots of walking in and I feel a lot better for that, but yes, it’s pretty drizzly. So, today we are thinking about why is it important that we create content because obviously it’s something you and I are doing with these lunchtime lives. Yeah.

Celia Champion: I mean, I think obviously we want to be able to get as much information out to our audience and just so our clients, physios, osteos, chiros, pods, know our philosophies as teachers. As clinic owners it’s about how you can educate your patients and help them through your content. And I think, one of the main things is to actually put a plan in place because obviously you became a therapist because you want to be treating people and helping people, not really writing content. So as soon as you get busy, that’s probably the first thing that goes. So having a kind of structure in place is really, really important that you just get into a bit of a flow of being able to just do that on a regular basis. So there’s not kind of like feast and faminine

Kate Markland: So content allows clients to get to know like, and trust you and as a clinician and your team as well. And it doesn’t just have to be you as a clinic owner, that’s creating content. It’s something that you can involve your whole team in. And, and just to Celia says, perhaps having a calendar so that each person just has to create one piece of content a month, which really, as clinicians, quite often, we find writing quite difficult. Now I certainly do, but we can do things like using video and then get them transcribed too, and that can be written as a blog. So content allows clients to sample your expertise before they pick up the phone to you. And if you have a plan like Celia is saying it helps keep you to account and make it all a lot more manageable.

Celia Champion: It’s really interesting. Because I find whenever I speak to clients about, doing stuff on social media or writing newsletters, there’s usually a kind of, Oh, how am I ever going to come up with content for 12 newsletters in a year Or how am I going to come up with content for three posts a week , and actually when you start just kind of listing all the different things that you could be doing with your content, it’s so easy. I mean, you know, and if you, you know, once you’ve kind of exhausted what you thinking in your head about, you know, you could do top tips on various different things, actually just go on to https://www.awarenessdays.com/ . And there is an awareness day for absolutely everything. There’s an awareness day, every single day there are awareness weeks. There’s so many ideas over there that you can align yourself.

Kate Markland: And there’s another brilliant website called https://answerthepublic.com/ . And you can just type in back pain, neck pain, and it comes up with all the questions that people type into Google about their aches and pains. And then

you can just simply answer every single one of them. There’s a lot of questions that come up. You can simply start working through answering the questions that people are typing into Google about how you can help , and answering those will also help with your search engine optimization too.

Celia Champion: I was just gonna say as well that the content doesn’t all have to be, medical and about physiotherapy or about, podiatry or, you know, whatever your profession is, make it about you guys as well. So, you know, bring the personality of your team into your social media, into newsletters, people buy people. So, you know, they want to get to know you as well when you don’t have to share your deepest, darkest secrets, but, you know, just be a little bit human

Kate Markland: As well. Wonderful. So thank you very much. H opefully we’ve given you some great tips why it’s important that we’re creating content so that potential clients and existing clients get to know like, and trust you and sample your expertise before they pick up the telephone. And we’ve given you some ideas of how to create a strategy or content calendar to help hold you to account. We’ll see you tomorrow for Tuesday’s training. So we’ll see you tomorrow, lunchtime, and then we’re here again on Wednesday or Thursday this week have a wonderful day guys. And hopefully you don’t get too wet if you’re going out for a run.

Celia Champion: Yeah. Have a great Monday.


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