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Do You Want To Grow Your Clinic, Increase Your Income While Improving Your Work Life Balance?

The Markland Method takes exisiting Physiotherapy centres and helps turn them into a highly efficient, profitable buiness venture using tried and tested techniques.

We often are so busy looking after others we forget ourselves and our business. We risk being underpaid and overworked, we risk burn out, neglect of ourselves and our family, resentment and ultimately failure. Which means we cease being able to make the contribution to society we trained and worked so hard to deliver.

Don't let that be you....!!!!

Take time out and learn how to ASSESS, DIAGNOSE and TREAT your business, so it gives you a predictable OUTCOME in line with your goals LET US HELP YOU GET CLARITY on your clinic's purpose, you will know where you are going CONTROL of your risks so you can have peace of mind and sleep at night KNOWLEDGE of your numbers to ensure you have stable revenue, control of costs and a predictable income Free up your time to WORK as you desire GROW your business in line with your purpose ENJOY your hobbies SEE you friends and family


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Kate Markland

Creator of The Markland Method

About The Author

Kate had been a successful hands on physiotherapist for a number of years but wanted to grow the business so she was more hands off, whilst at the same time increasing her income.

Having looked around the industry, she couldn't find anything suitable and created the Markland Method, a sure fire way of increasing income, having more time off, whilst enjoying what you do.


"Kate really helped me turn my business around"

Jane Doe


"Thanks Kate, now I can sleep soundly again at night knowing where my next customers are coming from"

John Smith

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