Planning reopening and keeping in touch with clients

Kate Markland is joined by Physiotherapists Chris Mallows, Lieve Moyaert, Neil Sleeman, Diane Farebrother and Nick Worth
Lieve shares with us the reopening plan for her clinic in Belgium, what she has in place to keep herself and clients Covid safe.
The conversation today centre’s around
– understanding the  concerns our clients might be facing when we reopen physical clinic space
– how we have all be maintaining communication with our databases on social media, by email and telephone
– making sure we communicate that they are the hero, and it is their journey
– Neil shares examples of what he has seen executed very well by Physiotherapy colleagues in Australia… stay to the end and he gives you the perfect tagline to use in your clinic client communication!
Enjoy listening and we look forward to seeing you next week x

Kate Markland

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