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We've got plenty of client success stories from Clinicians and Clinic Owners who have been through our training and mentoring.  If you want help with your healthcare business, hit the button and book a call with me and the team right away..

Who are you and what do you do? 

I’m Lieve, PT in Belgium, mother of 2 and happily married. I’m a dip MDT, running since 2 years my own practice, MDT clinic in Oudenaarde.

What problem(s) did you face before working with me?

I was worrying often, ‘Was I doing good?’, ‘Will I be able to give my kids what they need?’, ‘Will I be able to provide my family?’, ‘What would happen if I wouldn’t be able to work?’, ‘In 6 years I need to repay my mother and my mother in law a loan they gave me; how would I do this? Would it just magically happen?’ A lot of worrying!

Why did you choose my service? 

I followed a course 2,5 years ago about creating a business and it way one of the triggers for me to start my own practice because suddenly I discovered what would be possible if I would run the business myself but besides getting inspired, and keeping track of some numbers, I wasn’t really knowing/understanding what I was doing.

I met Kate in Copenhagen ’15 and I remember it was a very nice evening. Kate has the same background as me, so we are talking the same language and one of my mentors told me a long time ago that Kate was a strong business woman: she was running a 15-people PT practice!

When I met Kate again on Facebook, I started listening to what she was telling and it all felt really logical. I started to understand how a business develops,…

I did the 5-day challenge in january 2020 and after we had a conversation for more then one hour, Kate gave me immediately an easy solution for my problem. 

The way she’s working with me, is reminding me of the way I’m working with my patients: first listen to what the problem is, then asking questions to understand what the problem is and then providing ’treatment’: EDUCATION and homework.

As a kid, I always wanted to understand things before executing them. The book of Simon Sinek ’Start with why!’ made me see why ;-) Same reason why we educate our patients: if they understand why they need to do a certain exercise, changes are high they will do them.

So why did I chose Kate?

- I ‘knew’ her, almost by accident

- She seemed confident in what she was doing (and I had prove she had been doing it herself first)

- She was listing to my problems

- I didn’t see this with any other business coach

- Big similarity to my way of working with patients

(This is really making me feel like if I ask to my patients how they got to me: in the beginning often it was almost ‘by accident’, or they heard something from someone… but without really understanding what I’m doing to my patients, they just had the feeling they should trust me. I had the same with Kate, I didn’t understand what she was doing, I didn’t had any idea what she would make me do, but I just felt confident that she would help me, probably because she was radiating confidence :-) )

What made my service a good fit for you? 
Similar backgrounds, MDT, PT

In person, one on one

Adjustable to my time schedule

Specifically, what was the best thing about my service?
Education: I now know the anatomy and physiology of a business. This is so so so important! (Similar to MDT, educate the patient so they understand and ‘know why’…)

What did you try before that didn’t work?
I took the business class beginning 2018, I read the book of Simon Sinek ’Start with why’, I was looking around on the internet, I was dreaming, I visited several of the GP’s in my region, …

What results have you achieved? 
I’m almost never worrying!!! This is such a big relief because know I KNOW I will be fine because I understand how the whole thing is working.

My revenue increase in 2020 with 38%! (Part could be because it is the second year I’m working in the region but I’m sure that working with Kate has speeded up this process!

I pay myself a monthly ’salary’ that provides me and my family.

I attracted a colleague podiatrist and in a few months a psychologist will join the practice.

I started dreaming instead of worrying :-)

How has your life changed?
YES! Less worries, more dreams!

More structure in my life, my agenda is better scheduled

Would you recommend me to others and why?
Do I need to say more?! :-D

You’re the expert, you listen to people, you help them to reach their goals, you have a basic system but then you have to make it work for each individual, this is EXACT what MDT is doing.

And similar: if I’m now looking to other business coaches, they all have very nice ideas and beautiful pictures, and they motivate you… And off course they will have (good) results to but the way Kate was/is education me; the way she involved me in this whole process, the way she forced me to do it myself (with help when I needed it!)… It’s maybe not the easy way but definitely the best way in long term!

Absolutely worth the price… INVESTMENT ;-)


Thank you so much for your time. Once again, being around you I am inspired to do things better.  You are a real business guru"  DIANE F

Fantastic first meeting with my new business Guru today!  As the clinics owner, sometimes you need someone else to look into your business from a different perspective and this what was done today!  I look forward to enhancing our clinic in all aspects of what we do and how we do them. 

Thank you so much for your time. Once again, being around you I am inspired to do things better.  You are a real business guru"  JASON F

I am the Administrator at The Markland Clinic. My role is to support the physiotherapists by optimising client care and to accommodate all client needs outside the clinical room. I also look after the diary management, finances and the general day to day running of the clinic. I see Kate and the team commit heavily to education and support. Over the time Physiotherapists are with us I see them grow in confidence, sense of self, ability to take responsibility and  ability to work as a team, they learn how much can be achieved when we operate together as a team rather than alone as individuals. I also enjoy just observing them grow up in to responsible adults. Clients enjoy the energy and enthusiasm our team bring, and recognize their commitment to care. In addition, I observe the the management are continually kept on their toes by the teams thirst for knowledge, questioning and bringing of new ideas and perspectives.  TRACEY EXEC ADMIN

Easy to follow. Plenty of opportunity to querie. Lovely pace for me. Great time for evening tune in live. Good presentation - balanced. Brilliant having a mix of professions."

I think of all the business advice out there on FB I prefer yours, it is done very practically and very well thank you. I really appreciated the time and generous advice you gave."

I am thoroughly enjoy working at the Markland clinic. I have huge respect for the way that Kate speaks about the importance of understanding the entire patient journey from the moment of first contact and continued rehab. The clinic's values are very much in tune with my own, for example not only is the physiotherapy intervention important, but all interactions with the client are fundamental to ensure a holistic rehab journey. Kate creates an atmosphere of trust and accountability, which has provided me with the responsibility and autonomy to grow without feeling unsupported. Not only am I involved with physiotherapy, Kate has also enlisted me on a marketing training course and helped me further develop my marketing skills from a previous job to benefit this clinic. I am fortunate enough to say that I always look forward to coming in to work, even on a Monday morning, and love working in this team!" DALE

Kate works very well independently but is also a great Team member. She applies herself fully to developing her own skills and those of others around her. She is always smiling and projects her positivity towards her clients." DI F

"I would like to recommend Kate's work. Being her mentor at the McKenzie Institute Diploma course, I saw her working with clients; I was impressed by her knowledge, reasoning skills and may be most importantly the way she managed clients. As a very kind empathic person, she is a great therapist!"  HANS H

The huge team bond that the clinic possesses is perfect to support my learning and develop my skills. This is accomplished through weekly training based on current literature excellent for building and maintaining our CPD's as well as providing 1-to-1's to encourage individual support. This allows me to practice with confidence when faced with the diverse patient demographic that has built up my caseload. I feel a connection to the ethos of the clinic, which is to supply as much support to our clients as possible throughout their rehab journey and beyond. The passion and openness Kates convey's enables me to take ownership and really care for every day that I work. And is a big reason I love my Job." GEORGE

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