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Clinicial Corruption

The Paradox

Something is strange, that whilst many can come to the conclusion the pandemic was a fraud they often struggle with questioning the foundation of the

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Fake Binaries

“One of the biggest obstacles in the way of humanity freeing itself from the Matrix is the widespread reluctance to face just how unreal our

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Who is the W.H.O?

Have you ever asked who the unelected body called The World Health Organisation (W.H.O) actually is and how they are funded? This short video by

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The Hijack Of Modern Medicine

Most doctors prescribe medication without asking the patient about their typical day, diet, exercise, sleep, relationships, or time outside. Making modern medicine resemble more witchcraft

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A Propaganda Masterpiece

Professor Mark Crispin Miller of New York University illustrates how the sudden overthrow of political freedom and bodily sovereignty, and monolithic policy of mass injection

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