Because You Are Worth It… It’s time to Value You

As clinicians and clinic owners, we can spend so much time caring for everybody else, our client, our team, our friends, our families that we often neglect ourselves! And it can cause a problem if we fail to find time for self-care!!

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Kate Markland: Hello, and welcome to Thursday 19th of November, on this gorgeous sunny autumn day the sun and the trees are looking absolutely wonderful. I hope it’s bright blue skies wherever you a

Celia Champion: And after 14 days of isolation, I can’t wait to go from my run after this call.

Kate Markland: So, today we are talking about the importance of valuing yourself and that’s absolutely perfect that Celia kicked off with the fact that she spends time today to prioritize the importance of going for a run. So as clinicians as we can spend so much time caring for everybody else, caring for our clients, our team, our friends, our families, we often neglect ourselves. And that can cause problem, because if we don’t prioritize our own self care and valuing ourselves, we don’t have anything left to contribute. Celia, what are your thoughts and tactics for clinic owners on figuring out how to look after themselves.

Celia Champion: First of all, why is it important clinicians value themselves. Well, I think, I mean, I don’t really like using this analogy, but I’m going to , you know, when you’re on an airplane and they say, if something happens, oxygen masks drop down and you’ve got to put the oxygen mask on yourself first, before you help your fellow passengers. And I think that, so it’s a cliche, but it is so true because if you don’t look after yourself, you’re not going to be in a position to look after your patients. And, and also it’s kind of being a little bit hypocritical in a way because you’re just not walking your talk, if you’re suggesting to your patients that they get better sleep or they have a better diet or they move better, and you’re not doing that yourself.

Celia Champion: I had an example of, plants. So it’s not in terms of the, well, it is actually in terms of health, very much in terms of looking after yourself. So working with an osteopathic clinic and they were talking about how they, they find that their patients benefit from a certain regularity of treatment. And we’re not asked that group of osteopaths, how often they have treatment. They say, Oh, we never have time for it. And that’s a cycle. How do you get to recommend to your patients that they should have a certain regularity of treatment yet you don’t prioritize it for yourself so, yeah, I’m a very, passionate listener to a podcast. And he talks about, moving better, sleeping better, resting better, eating better. It’s just those four pillars that you’d really do need to take into consideration.

Celia Champion: And it’s, it’s some, sometimes it’s such obvious stuff, and those are the things that kind of slipped by the wayside. And you think, Oh, I’ll just extend my clinical hours. And I mean, I’ve got one guy at the moment, he’s not getting home before 11 o’clock at night because he’s short-staffed so he’s just packing in the patients, but he recognizes that it’s, it’s going to implode one day. And so you’ve really got to take care of yourself so that you can take care of others.

Kate Markland: If you think about a sport. So, anything where you’re handling a fast car, or if you’re not on it, you’re really putting yourself at danger and others are danger as well. And you will start making stupid mistakes when you’re tired, you’ll make stupid mistakes.  If you were going to ride a motorbike or go in a fast car or do some sky diving, whatever you were going to do, where there’s high risk if you’re on it, you risk your life and you risk the lives of others.  Running a business, running a healthcare practice, I think it pays well to remember those principles. If you’re not well-rested then what happens at the end of the day, you start making stupid mistakes and things go crash and bang, and that is not sustainable and not okay. We so often listen to what, goes on in our client’s lives and give advice on rest, exercise and work-life habits. But its completely hypocritical if we are not applying the same principles to ourselves. So it’s really important that we do value ourselves and take care of ourselves so that we have the resources and the energy to continue to contribute to our clients, to our team and to the health of our business and see it as Celia highlighted.

Kate Markland: Can you just list those four things again, that you mentioned that were critical?

Celia Champion: Eating better, sleeping, better, resting better and moving better. And, I think it’s just so easy to neglect ourselves. I could easily not run today because I’ve got a huge to do list at the moment, like loads of stuff to get done for our five day challenge coming up. And I could so easily think, Oh no, let me just crack on and listen to another section of the class that I’m doing about doing five day challenges. And, you know, I’ve got other things that I need to get done and I could so easy to just think, Oh no, I’m not going to go from a run now. Let me just crack on, and then I know what will happen…..

Celia Champion: I’ll have another app and another call this afternoon. It’s going to be dark and I’m really not going to want to go and run. So, I’ve just got to actually be strict and say, right, just take this off an hour. And I also know that when I get back from their half an hour run, I will be so much more productive because it just gives you that energy and then you can really crack on. So I think we all, we all know that it’s really good for us to do those things. And then we kind of put things off, put things off, and actually I know that I’ll be more productive and I’ll get more things done after I’ve now taken a break because I’ve been on calls the whole morning. I know that running is going to make me super powerful in the afternoon.

Kate Markland: Wonderful. Well, we’re going to let Celia head off and go and enjoy her run. We will see you again, Monday lunchtime, the theme of mondays is marketing and we’re going to talk about communication and why it’s really important.

So we look forward to seeing you tomorrow , Celia off you go and enjoy that run.

Kate Markland: Bye bye for now.

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