Asking Patients for Testimonials

Asking Patients for Testimonials

Today we discuss the value of testimonials, how to ask for them and what to do with them

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Kate Markland:  Good afternoon and welcome to Thursday, 12th of November. I hope you’ve had a great week and enjoyed the first week of Celia and I doing these lunchtime lives to help you as a clinic owner, just to receive some hints and tips every single lunchtime, and we’re trying to keep them nice and short and sweet. So you should be able to listen to us over at a quick cup of tea or coffee. So today is Thursday and Thursday’s theme is always going to be about gratitude. It was Celia’s inspiration. So I’m going to let Celia kick off with what our first thankful Thursday over you Celia.

Celia Champion: Thank you. Well, I think, we need to be thankful about, what we have in our life right now, and sometimes it can be difficult when you’re looking at, how COVID has impacted us, but also think, what I find really, really powerful is for, therapists to gather testimonials from their patients. So we were talking about yesterday, about how sometimes you can under value yourself and one of the best ways to actually realize your value is to actually ask patients for your feedback and ask them to give you testimonials, and then use those so that you can communicate how you can help other people. So I think, do the thankful Thursdays on both ends of the scale, think about what you’re thankful for in what you have in your life, but think about how you are adding value to your patients’ lives. And if you are feeling unsure about that, go out and ask for testimonials and ask for feedback, and majority

of patients will be absolutely happy to do that for you because also super grateful of what you can do for them.

Kate Markland: And I’ve spoken to a couple of clinic owners this week who, have been considering asking for testimonials, but wondered how to go about it and actually feel quite shy of asking

Celia Champion: You can make it really simple for your patients. Maybe even just ask them to answer a few questions. What made you choose us? What problem were you having that made you pick up the phone and come to us? What did you do? A nd what are the results from the treatment? So keep it really simple. Why did you come to us? What did you like about us? and what have your results been? Ask them to articulate those few things and then you can direct them to where you want them to be. Make it easy for them as well. So if you want to build up your Google reviews, send them a link so that they can easily add a review onto Google. If you want to put it onto your Facebook, or even if you just want them to fill in a quick form or email you and that you are able to then put it onto your website. Just kind of think about what do you want people to be saying. Where do you want to be posting them and just make it easy for them.

Kate Markland: And then the other thing I was asked this week was, well, when do I ask the testimonials? I suggested it was when clients are glowing, when that absolutely glowing with gratitude to you, that it’s such a simple time to ask. Also, one of the clients I was talking to this week was making a number of follow-up phone calls, and then lots of her follow up phone calls t he clients were really well. So again, that was a perfect time to ask. When do you suggest people ask for the testimonials Celia.

Celia Champion: I’ve had some clients that have decided to do like a recommendation months and then they just have it in the practice where it says it’s our recommendation month, please leave us a review on Facebook or Google. And so that’s where they’re proactively doing so, but I think you can go with a much softer approach, so that as Kate was saying, when people are glowing or someone says to you, wow, I feel so much better. Instead of saying, Oh, I’m so pleased, actually take it to the next step. And you can be saying, wow, that’s great. We love hearing that. And

if you know of anyone else that could feel like that, please send them away or asking for their review saying, Oh, we love hearing that and we’d be ever so grateful if you add a review on our Facebook, because we rely on reviews to get patients through the door. So listen for those opportunities when patients say, wow, I feel so much better or when patients say, they managed to get back onto the golf course. Just listen for those opportunities and ask for those testimonials.

Kate Markland: This pink book that sits on my book case is full of testimonials. And a while ago I went crazy asking for testimonials, got loads and loads and loads of them. I hadn’t necessarily read them all. And I’m sure it was you Celia that said to me, go get a cup of coffee, a Danish pastry, and sit down and read them all . Soak in what clients are actually saying, but also you can understand in a different way, the value of what it is that you’re actually bringing to their lives. Because once you get in the rhythm of collecting them, it can then very easily become quite easy to get

in the habit, click collect, collect, but not actually take the time to sit and read and absorb and understand the value you truly bring into clients’ lives. And that will also help you value yourself and your practice.

Kate Markland: It will also have an impact on your communication and marketing so that you can express yourself more clearly, rather than assuming the reasons clients can see you in the first place. So that wraps up this week. We’ll start again on Monday. Mondays is going to be marketing tips. Tuesdays w e are going to do a training. Wednesdays is always going to be about wealth creation and Thursdays is always going to be about gratitude. We will put out, a post that will give you more detail about what the contents of next week.

Celia Champion: Just to add one more thing. We also rely on testimonials. So if you’re enjoying our lives, please do pop a note in one of our posts. You know, one of our posts on Facebook or LinkedIn or wherever you find it and wherever you’re watching it, we’d be super grateful. Thank you.

Kate Markland: Take care and have a great weekend. Bye bye everybody.

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