Ask Us Anything, Live Q+A

Ask Us Anything, Live Q+A

Feeling Stuck on some aspect of how to run your clinic, need help making a decision or inspiration on how to solve a problem ask us anything and we will answer it for you…. if you want to stay anonymous that’s cool too, just let us know.

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Kate Markland: Hello and welcome to The Clinic Owner’s Business Club, Lunchtime Live on Thursday 26th November, with Celia Champion as myself Kate Markland . We hope you’re having a wonderful week, we are

taking time on Thursdays to think about all the things that we would like to be thankful for. And one of the things we’re thankful for is for you guys, listening, watching, and tuning in through us and starting to ask us some questions. So on Thursdays going forwards, we’re going to be doing a live Q&A to any questions that you’ve messaged us with or asked the group during the week, or if you want to join in, then you are welcome to hop on and send us any questions you’d like answering during the live. So, Celia, I know has a super question from somebody about how to evolve their team and their role within that team and restructure perhaps.

Celia Champion: Yeah, so, I was asked the question about , how do they develop some of their internal team members, where they can see that they’ve really got, real, real potential but maybe lack confidence in, in taking on a different role , so really our solution to the question is to get them some of their own individual leadership coaching. Sometimes when I’ve worked with clinic owners, the clinic owner will, say things to their teams. And, you know, they’ll say the same things that I would come in and say, and when I come in and say it, then suddenly the penny drops. So it’s just kind of coming sometimes from an external voice can really be very powerful. And if you’ve got team members that you feel could really, you know, reach a higher potential, then give them that support and lift them blossom

Kate Markland: And that’ll help give the team members opportunities to have a stronger voice and contribute to how the business evolves. Now, following on from that. Still related to team, we have another question that was related to what are the obvious risks that are in a practice. So somebody who has a single room of practice is just beginning to build their practice handbook, and they asked about what the risks were and wanted from us an opinion on what the potential risks were. They wanted to create, a catalog of potential risks and put policies in place to safeguard against them. Now, here in the UK, the CSP gives us great guidelines and standards that we need to meet, which makes sure if we do that, we cover most of the risks. One of the things that became really apparent to me though, was this isn’t necessarily the case in all countries and people don’t necessarily have this.

Kate Markland: And the person that asked this question is not based in the UK. So for a single room practice, yes, you can think about fires and all sorts of bloods and spillages, but one of the most obvious things for me was lone working. And that, that is a liability, especially if you’ve got single females working in your practice, in your premises, by themselves during the day or into the evening, you need to have in place some policy procedure so that they feel safe and the patients feel safe in their space too. It was an interesting question because it made me actually made me feel grateful for the CSP standards and policies and realise how meeting them ensures a lot of safeguarding.

Celia Champion: That’s interesting. I was speaking to an Osteopath yesterday and they were kind of thinking about, whether they need their reception team going forward because they’ve all been on furlough for so long. They’ve put all these different processes and procedures in place where patients can book online. Patients can pay online. The osteopaths can rebook their patients in. So, a lot of the role of the reception team has become redundant. However, there will be an element of meet and greet, but the other big thing was that if the, if there was a single practitioner working on the own , in a standalone building actually to have

that receptionist there, the value of the receptionist is in that the team and clients are not in that lone working risky position. And so, that has actually led to their decision about what they’ll do in the case of reception. They might not need all the hours that they had previously when there are several practitioners working, but on the occasions where there’s only a sole practitioner, they will have some form of reception cover. so that, so that takes away that lone working risk.

Kate Markland: Wonderful. So hopefully we’ve answered those questions and come in this week, if you have any questions for next Thursday, then do let us know. As like I say on Thursdays, we will now be doing live Q&A for you. So take care, have a wonderful, wonderful weekends, and we will see you on Monday for some more marketing tips take care and have a great weekend. Bye bye for now .

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