Do you worry about competition?

Would you be surprised if I said with full confidence that your practice has no direct competition?

You see there is only one you… no-on else has your unique experiences, thoughts, upbringing, mental thinking patterns, trainings, readings or personality.  Therefore you have no competition because what you bring to the table is unique to you!

People buy from people and clients connect with you because of what you uniquely have.  They will connect with other people because of what uniquely have too.

Competition is collaboration, ultimately together you along with other clinics are pulling the Physiotherapy Profession up, and are collaborating to educate, empower and improve your community’s health.

You are not in head to head combat!

To many clinic owners and clinicians spend too much time obsessing over what other clinics are doing, what their pricing is, what there marketing looks like. Stop the worrying you can not control what others do.

But you can control what you do!! Start obsessing over your ideal clients and focusing how you best serve them.  The value you bring them and the successes they get from working with you.

You and your clinic are unique, no one else will speak to your clients or potential clients in the same way you do.  People will connect to you and come to your clinic because of what you and your clinic uniquely stand for and for your values.