Have you ever considered what you team are looking for from you?
And how you can show up as leader when you don’t have all the answers, keep your team feeling as safe as you do clients and keep a focus on your business direction.
Keep reading and I’ll share answers to all of these for you:

Leading when you don’t have answers

Right now leadership and culture are more important than ever before.

They are critical because there is still a lot of uncertainty, fear and unknowns.

Consequently for you and your team there a lot of questions both for and of each other as well as for and of clients and other influencers and stakeholders of your business. And you can’t answer many of the questions tactically, because you probably don’t know yourself, but you can answer them strategically!

And to do that means thinking about yourself and how you behave, you might be angry or scared right now.  But think how different it feels and how differently you respond when you keep a very cool calm head focused on the present not the past or distant future.  Keeping cool and calm enables you to be in a resourceful state.

Ensuring your team feel safe

It will be apparent to you how important people are to your business yet it is a factor that doesn’t get much consideration.  In light the pandemic we need to be taking great care to ensure our team feel safe.

And your character is going to set the tone for that.   It’s about how you show up at work, and if you don’t have a team it is about how you show up every day which is just as important if you don’t have a team as if you do!

If you have a team it is about balancing humility with leadership skills.  Less me boss, you worker and more about how you work as one team and engage better.

Commitment to “why”

Entrepreneurs like you and I face challenges all the time.  Because that’s what we do.  We made a decision to get out of whatever employment we were in and go it alone.  So we meet challenges all the time and right now is no different.
To be able to overcome obstacles and fly everyone and everything in your business must be moving in one direction.  There has to be clear vision and goals and for it to be effective everyone must be working together.