Animals, plants and microbes and our own bodies demonstrate ways of functioning that have endured over 3.8 billion years of existence.

It all begins with movement

Proteins are the primal elements of life and MOVE in response to environmental signals.

On the surface of each cell receptor proteins receive the environmental signals and so begins a chain reaction of cellular chemical reactions to switch genes on and off.

This show’s how important our physical and emotional environment is stress, diet, toxins and our perceptions activate chemical switches that regulate gene behaviour.

It’s a cooperative

Cells work as a cooperative and have organised them themselves to provide full healthcare coverage that makes sure each cell gets what it needs to stay healthy and an immune system that protects the cell like a dedicated national guard.

Cells also organise themselves to have a monetary system that pays other cells according to the importance of the work they do and stores excess profits in community banks.

Cells have a research and development system that creates technology and biochemical equivalents of expansive computer networks. Sophisticated environmental systems provide air and water purification treatment that is more technologically advanced than humans have ever imagined.

The communication system within and amongst cells is an Internet that sends zip-coded messages directly to individual cells.

They even have a criminal justice system that detains, imprisons, rehabilitates, and in a Kevorkian way, assists with the suicide of destructive cells.

Just imagine if you had this effectiveness and efficiency in your business

Just imagine if you could run your business with a fraction of the effectiveness and efficiency and interdependent TRUST that the cells and organs in our bodies operate every single day….