There are 7 billion people in the world…. we haven’t been doing a good job so far, but could we work together like our cells for the success of the planet?

And even before that can we work tighter with our team to increase our contribution to ourselves, clients and community.

In our body each organ or cell works like a miniature human, working side-by-side helping each other accomplish the pumping of your heart and breathing through your lungs and all the other millions and millions of tasks that need to happen.. it is teamwork at its finest!  You can run your business in the same way… defining the “organs” and their functions, giving specific responsibility to team members and have everyone work side-by-side to accomplish a purpose greater than that which anyone individual can.

Cells are smart when it comes to creating successful communities.

The capacity of the individual whether it be person or cell has a limit.  When a cell fulfills its evolution, in order to get smarter, cells start banding together with other cells to form multicellular communities.  Assembles colonies of other evolved cells can share and expand their capability.

The functions required for a single cell to stay alive are the same as the functions required by a community of cells to stay alive are the same functions required by a community of cells to stay alive.  But cells started to specialise when they formed multicellular communities, there is a division of labour.  The division of labour is evident in tissues and organs that carry out specialised functions.  For example, in the single cell, respiration is carried out by the mitochondria.  In the multicellular organism, the mitochondrial equivalent for respiration are the billions of specialised cells that form the lungs.

Imagine if you could do the same in your business, imagine if you empowered and trusted your community, your team to support you and each other to succeed as a collective…

Dr Bruce Lipton emphasizes that our individual mind like an individual cell has far less awareness than the consciousness of the whole group.  Lipton says we would do well as a collective to evolve to such a high level of consciousness as our cells.

He writes, “Science suggests that the next stage of human evolution will be marked by awareness that we are all interdependent cells within the super-organism called humanity.”