I see many many Physiotherapy Clinic’s offering low value none specific discounts to try and attract more clients!

What is the problem with doing this?

Potential clients need to know, like and trust you.

If a clinic is in crisis, struggling to meet overheads and running at a low capacity often the owner may decide in a moment of panic to implement a very low value offer eg: The £10 appointment!   It is usually an ill throughout offer which stinks of desperation because you are in crisis and does not build trust!  Think about it if you mum was suffering with acute back pain and asked you were to go would you search for the cheapest clinic in her town and suggest she went there?  Or would you ignore price and look for a clinician you really felt could help her get out of pain?

No Strategy

Offers can work well if there is a clear strategy.  The offer needs

  • a clear purpose for the offer
  • to be targeted to specific audience for a specific reason
  • a very clear call to action
  • AND a strategy for how the potential clients redeeming the offer will be communicated with, managed and followed up
  • targets and measurement process to determine it’s success

Without these things in place a low value offer can cause you clinic more harm than good, undermining your reputation and trust with existing clients.

Attract Price Shoppers

There is a price to cheap and your ideal clients don’t want to pay that price!  They don’t want the cheapest fix in town!! They want the best fix there is in town!

Great clients are willing to pay for results and they expect you to be charging a fair price for your expertise.

You don’t want your clients to leave your clinic worrying how you are paying the rent or feeding yourself!

Lowering your prices or implementing offers with no strategy will attract price shoppers and to attract more price shoppers you are going to get caught in a negative spiral of endlessly competing of price and devaluing what you do!  This negative spiral means you can’t pay overheads or yourself!