Grow A Patient-Centred & Profitable Practice

By Learning The Anatomy And Physiology Of Business, You Can Apply Your Clinical Reasoning Skills To Assess, Diagnose and Treat Your Business

To Create The Outcome You Desire

More Stability |More Impact |More Financial Security

You are not alone, if you’re struggling to create a profitable, patient-centred business. As clinic owners, it’s easy to become consumed by the daily running and management of your business, and even easier to miss the causes of a failing business.

We get it! Running your own successful health clinic is tough because it involves:

  • Hiring the right staff
  • Understand your finances
  • Knowing how to run your business profitably
  • Creating management accounts
  • Attracting the right clients
  • Marketing your business effectively

Take Back Control Of Your Clinic With The Markland Method

The Markland Method teaches clinicians, like you, the fundamentals of how to run a business and how to apply your knowledge of structure and function, to the principles of business assessment, diagnosis, treatment, outcome.

The Markland Method was created to help you run your business productively and profitably WITHOUT placing additional strain on yourself or your already-strained resources and finances.

Unlike other programs and experts that only teach you to market harder (which is rarely the problem), The Markland Method is a system which focuses on helping you become a better and more efficient business owner.

By treating your business as a living entity with distinct functions and vital signs (but which operates as a whole entity), The Markland Method works to correct imbalances within your business and strengthen it from the inside out.

You’ll stop ‘firefighting’ in your business and regain harmony and control in your clinic. Ultimately, this means a better work-life balance, fantastic patients, happier staff and a more profitable clinic!

What Can I Expect From Implementing The Markland Method?

You’ll have peace of mind and sleep better at night knowing you can finally:

  • Understand your numbers and key metrics
  • Have stable and predictable revenue
  • Better and more consistent cashflow
  • Control over your expenses and budget
  • Have well-defined business functions
  • Spend more time with your loved ones
  • Impact the health of your community in a bigger way

With the Markland Method, you can finally step up to being the clinician AND business owner you’ve always wanted to be, whilst contributing to the increased wellbeing and health of your local community.

Get clarity on your clinic's purpose and take back control of the risks in your business today.

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